Madigan Chandler
1 min readOct 21, 2022


I don’t want to cancel my plans

my solo getaway planned months ago

before You

The beach and high thread count sheets

because I might still need something to escape

the heartache

that will come if I don’t have you

and the drama

in my soul skin

from the past

Tightens across my shoulders

secretly i search break up poems

and feel if I hear a sad love song

I’ll cry

Is this what love feels like?

all the thought work in the world

doesn’t make better

how much it sucked ass before

the trust is in the surety

there is proof

that i always make it out better than before

and they always miss me more

Rearrange the bed furniture

lose ten pounds

find a new song

I may have given up when i shouldn’t

But more chose in the first place in error

Without choosing, but being chosen

i have a list now, so there are rules

that always works

I don’t want to forfeit my deposit, time to decide

Madigan Chandler

Psychotherapist, mother, walker, swimmer, lover, and aspiring good friend