Madigan Chandler
1 min readJul 9, 2021

Today, the lifeguard was singing

I could hear his voice on the far side just

before the kick turn. One swim per week.


Today, I incidentally soaked two mice

as I turned the hose to the compost pile

they escaped, scared, so wet. Drenched.

I hope they are warm under my shed where they hide.

Today, I was irritable for no reason.

Every reason.

When I filled the bird feeders and watered the trees

I felt good, it got better.

I’m tired of cold-slog-same. Gardening is good. I love my yard. I hate being nailed here.

Today, I cooked what I wanted for dinner.

It was disdained, and then eaten entirely, hmmm.

Today, I helped my son sort his clothes as he

finalized his fafsa.

more clothes too small than those that fit. No pants.

Stop eating my disdained curry! Growing!

Who’s really going to college?

Today, I started watching Pulp Fiction and switched to Bridges of Madison County because overdoses aren’t entertaining any longer.

and also because I have every choice, which I love.

Today, I ate the last piece of cake. It was the best cake I’ve ever made.

Today, I am ready for it to be later now.

Madigan Chandler

Psychotherapist, mother, walker, swimmer, lover, and aspiring good friend